Alquema Sleeveless Smash Pocket Dress

Alquema Sleeveless Smash Pocket Dress


This bestselling line of dresses is comfortable and flattering on everyone! It can be dressed up for a special occasion or worn with flip flops. The dress comes in a ball, and is fabulous for traveling, and easy to pack. You can rinse it out overnight and be ready to go again. There are 2 flat pockets on the front. The wrinkles are permanent and the fabric is a matte finish 

100% reverse satin. 

FIT: the sizes are 0 = extra small or small

                                   1 = medium

                                   2= large or extra large

CARE: hand wash, hang dry or lay flat


COLOR NOTE: Ash blue is a pretty cornflower medium blue. The photo looks more royal blue than it is.